Want to design and engineer your homes 10X better?

Konn's team of experts transforms traditional home designs into digitized designs for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) for mass industrialization production


Want to Sell homes in your development easier with more returns?

Our tools, from the Online Design Studio, to the order management system and customers' order portal, will give you seamless off-plan selling process


Want to integrate with your systems for faster processes?

Konn's CRM and ERP integrations can help you get the best out of our software without changing your technology


Konn is a prop tech company based in Riyadh that enables developers to design, sell, and build their communities better through their suite of vertically integrated technologies

Why Konn

X4 Faster

Konn’s tried and tested systems and building method is proven to cut the speed of building to 25% compared to conventional methods.

4X More Customer Satisfaction

Konn’s process is finely tuned and optimized to reduce errors and save time so the need to unnecessarily redo work or hire redundant employees is eliminated.

100X Scalability

With platform technology and optimized building processes, projects can grow from 100’s to 1,000’s and more with little additional effort.

2X Better Quality

With modularity and offsite methods, every step of production is supervised and quality controlled for continuous improvement.

3X More Sustainable

Homes are designed and built to be more sustainable environmentally, economically, and socially. Our methods reduce waste, energy consumption and contribute to inclusive prosperity.


We engineer the designs for all disciplines for manufacturing and assembly, enabling the fast and efficient manufacturing of all building components through our (Kit-of-Parts Library) solution. the KOP Library provides manuals and checklists for each component so that parts can be tracked and checked at every step.

DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly)
Kit-Of-Parts Library


Konn has designed a seamless off-plan customer journey that allows for mass customization for residential developments.

The tool has two parts; the customer interface and the customer relationship management system.

Online Design Studio
Order Management


Konn provides integration capabilities with ERP and production management systems, so that all the parts can be manufactured offsite and assembled onsite, with connectivity to the order management system to ensure accurate delivery.

Integration with ERP
Integration with CRM


We're on a mission to lead the way into the future of living with better, faster and more sustainable homes through technology, for MENA and beyond.

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